Red Dawn is a multimedia project created by the artist, Alex Amos.
The story centres around a band of alien tribesmen who have fallen from high civilisation and found themselves trapped within a ritualistic cycle of death and rebirth.  Together, they must undertake a dangerous sojourn across the glistening wastes of their planet towards a religious site where they will encounter a mysterious power which holds the key to the survivial of their race.
Drawing on subjects from depth psychology, primitive anthropology and existential philosophy, Red Dawn offers a bold and terrifying vision of intelligent life estranged from its innermost foundations.  The intent behind the project is to create a work of 'concept fiction' that explores these ideas through the framework of an imaginative fiction.
The final product will come replete with full-colour illustrations and a 6-track ambient soundtrack to fully immerse the reader into its unique setting.
Red Dawn is available as a digital download HERE.