Red Dawn is the first installment in an evolving multimedia saga by English artist, Alex Amos.
The story follows a band of alien tribesmen who exist in the aftermath of a calamitous event.  Together, they must undertake a dangerous sojourn through the glistening wastes of their planet towards an ancient religious site where they will enter communion with a mysterious power that holds the key to their survivial.  Along the way, each tribesman regails a unique account of their fall from high civilisation and offer differing perspectives of what it means to be a life-form estranged from its locus of power and meaning.
Resplendent with rich, full colour illustrations and an eloquent, mythopoetic writing style echoing wierd fiction authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, 'Red Dawn' offers the reader a captivating experience.  But this is not merely another dark fantasy.  The story draws upon a range of ideas from depth psychology, primitive anthropology, existentialism and more - hence, a glossary of terms has been included to help the reader better comprehend the themes coursing throughout the narrative structure.  A six-track ambient soundtrack (composed by Paleowolf) is also included to immerse the reader into the sureal and decadent world of 'Id'.