Red Dawn is the first entry in a new multimedia book series created by the artist, Alex Amos.
Scheduled for release in late 2020, Red Dawn examines the early conditions of life on a hostile, yet exotic, planet known as 'Id.'  The story centres around a band of alien tribesmen whose species is captured within a ritualistic cycle of metamorphosis and death. Together, they undertake a dangerous sojourn across the glistening wastes towards a mysterious religious site, where they will encounter a power that holds the key to the survivial of their race.
Drawing on subjects as far as religious psychology, primitive anthropology and existential philosophy, Red Dawn offers a bold and terrifying vision of a life estranged from its foundation, desperately seeking answers to address the source of its fallen condition, and ultimately, emanicpation from the omnipotent forces that bind it.
The book will come loaded with many full-colour illustrations, exquisite product design, and an immersive musical score to draw you into its world (more details will be announced in due time).
Keep up to date with the development of 'Red Dawn' on the artist's Instagram site.