X E L A S O M A  is the umbrella moniker for the collective creative works of U.K. based Artist Alex Amos.
The project began in 2010 following experiments synthesising consciousness alteration practices with creative techniques, therby supplying the first raw transmissions of linework that would underlay the artist's organic aesthetic. The success of these experiments provoked an inquiry into the hidden nature of the images: from what aspect of the human system did they so readily emerge... and why?  
What followed was an ongoing period of research into the underlying powers of creativity with material ranging from biology to mythology, primitivism to depth psychology and religious states to propaganda. This research, in unison with the creative aspect of the project, is directed towards elucidating the relationship between man and image, mind and flesh.  
The artist's video channel offers a unique window into his creative life and also acts as a platform to discuss related topics.